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En prévision de la QuakeCon, QuakeLive vient d'être mis à jour :

  • Added the ability to colorize the ‘bright’ skins for Keel, Visor, Tankjr, and Crash. Colors can be easily set by two new cmds: setteamcolor and setenemycolor
    These commands accept one to three parameters to colorize the upper body, lower body and head of the bright skin. These parameters are entered in the form of letters, with a to x representing the rainbow, and two additional arguments of y (white) and z (gray). You may use a single color parameter to colorize the entire model one color, or up to three arguments to customize the players chest, legs and head.
    • 'setenemycolor h' will set the entire model green
    • 'setenemycolor hy' will set the models chest green, legs & head white
    • 'setenemycolor hyz' will set the models chest green, legs white, and head gray
    If you wish to have a greater control over their color options, you can configure the individual cvars that the setenemycolor and setteamcolor commands assign values to. These cvars accept only RGBA hexadecimal parameters, such as 0x00FF00FF for bright green (0xRRBBGGAA format).
    Setting these cvars are not required if you use the simple setenemycolor and setteamcolor cmds:
    • cg_enemyUpperColor
    • cg_enemyLowerColor
    • cg_enemyHeadColor
    • cg_teamUpperColor
    • cg_teamLowerColor
    • cg_teamHeadColor
  • Added end-game buzzer sound.
  • Added g_overtime to enable overtime periods. Overtime will be on by default in Duel and Team Deathmatch, with each overtime period lasting 2 minutes.
  • Added Sudden Death Respawn Delays in sudden death games (CTF). Upon entering sudden death, the player respawn time will go to 3 seconds (from the default 2.1s during normal gameplay), and increment by one second every minute, up to a maximum of 10 seconds after 7 minutes of sudden death (listcvars g_suddenDeathRespawn*).
  • Added cg_enableRespawnTimer to draw the respawn timings of certain items (armor, megahealth, powerups) for spectators -- on private servers only. This feature is dependent upon server-side shoutcaster privileges being enabled. Items are sorted by height according to their placement in the level for non-ctf games, and are sorted by team according to proximity from flag in CTF.
  • Added cg_respawnTimerX and cg_respawnTimerY to control the position of where spectator respawn timers are drawn.
  • Added ‘Large’ hud option as a comp-friendly alternative hud, selectable within the in-game Game Settings.
  • Added cg_compHud (defaults to 0, saved). cg_compHud 1 will enable the stream friendly hud on private servers.
  • Added cg_drawSpecMessages and cg_drawPregameMessages to hide messages from the pregame / spec hud.
  • Added cg_redTeam, cg_redTeamShort, cg_blueTeam and cg_blueTeamShort; clientside cvars to override the team name displayed in the hud scorebox and follow info message for use in stream broadcasts.
  • Added cg_playernames to draw players names above their heads while you spectate (both freecam and 1st person spec)
  • Added cg_lightningImpact to toggle the impact fx created when the lightning stream impacts a surface.
  • Added cg_muzzleFlash to toggle the the muzzle flashes.
  • Added cg_smoke_SG to toggle shotgun smoke puffs on/off.
  • Added cg_smokeRadius_GL to scale the size of the grenade/proxy smoke trails.
  • Added cg_smokeRadius_RL to scale the size of the rocket smoke trails.
  • Added cg_switchToEmpty to toggle the ability to switch to weapons that have no ammo.
  • Added nopicmip to space portal sfx to make space portals more highly visible while using high levels of picmip.
  • Added stream.cfg for casters, a config that will carry some 'officially desired' settings for streamed comp matches (wip).
  • Added visibility.cfg a quick and easy way to enable a competition and performance friendly configuration.
  • Changed default mouseAccel method to the old style (cl_mouseAccelStyle 0).
  • Changed the font size of the ping display present on cg_lagometer 2.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the teamoverlay to draw over the spectator hud.Fixed mouse movements caching during timeout/pause.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause inaccurate reporting of timeouts remaining on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed the display of an improper error message when attempting to join a private server with an empty password field.
  • Fixed an issue that caused private servers with ‘/’ in the hostname from displaying properly in the server browser.


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