Mise à jour du 27/10/2009
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Game Updates:
  • Added +acc bindable command for displaying an in-game weapon accuracy panel. Usage "bind ] +acc" for example.
  • Added support to display cg_weaponBar when spectating.
  • Fixed splash damage so that it will no longer pass through floors.
  • Fixed proxy mines from being indestructible when launched from certain heights.
  • Fixed voiceovers in warmup. ("X frags left" should no longer be played during warmup)
  • Fixed team switches so that they would no longer be counted as deaths for stats reporting.
  • Fixed minor Raw Input mouse performance issues
  • Fixed Brimstone Abbey (qzdm8) quad spawn decal.
  • Fixed misc shader issues.
  • Changed rail trails to now be affected by cg_weaponColorStyle
  • Changed cg_WeaponColorStyle for consistency. Style 3 should now use cg_weaponColor for both grenades and rails. Style 1 will use cg_weaponColor_grenade for grenades, and your color1/color2 choices for rail.
  • Changed r_ambientScale to no longer be cheat protected, controls the amount of ambient light that is cast upon players.
Web Updates:
  • Fixed a problem with match tooltips where the tooltip would close after the server list refreshes. Also in general the data between the server list and the match tooltips will stay in sync now.
  • Updated the formatting of tweets generated from the match details "Share" links.
  • Now displaying larger award images across the top of the profile awards page.
  • Added country flags for the nations of 'Guernsey' and 'Jersey'.
  • Added two new "Trophy Case" awards for the Intel Extreme Masters ESL Global Challenge event.


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